Snake Bite First-Aid

Snakebite or suspected snakebite should be treated in the same fashion. The bitten area should be bandaged using a compression bandage if possible, wrapping the bitten area with approximately the same pressure as you would for a sprained ankle. Immobilize the bitten area, and keep physical movement to a minimum. In Australia ring 000 immediately and seek medical advice and help. Up to date medical advice can be accessed by looking up St Johns first aid snake bite treatment.

Stories circulate about how quickly a person can die from a snake bite quoting times from minutes to hours. These extreme stories refer to extreme situations where the person has been bitten straight into the blood stream, which is quite rare, or situations where the person goes into anaphylactic shock, which is not the regular situation, but can occur on occasion. If the bitten area is bandaged correctly and help is attained quickly, anti-venene is available and largely very effective in treating venomous snake bite.