Brendan from Harpsnake provides a reptile relocation service available to the general public. Any relocated reptiles are released in the nearest appropriate bushland in accordance with regulations.  

Call out Fee.

The Call Out Fee is $90.00 ( This is not necessarily the whole cost - see Relocation Fee. ). This covers coming to the address and includes a half hour search for the reptile concerned & professional advice on prevention specific to the premises. This does not include the relocation of any reptiles encountered. The reason for relocation of a reptile being a separate cost is so that a higher cost is not incurred if no reptile is located. That way, only when a reptile is located & a relocation is performed, is the full cost incurred. The CALL OUT FEE is incurred when the customer agrees to a CALL OUT over the phone.

Relocation Fee.

This fee is only incurred if a reptile is relocated from the premises. If no relocation is performed, or the reptile concerned is released back into the premises garden, then no fee is incurred.

Non venomous relocation -  $ 10.00  ( Full price - $ 100.00 )

Venomous reptile relocation -  $40.00  ( Full price $ 130.00 )